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AbstractChannelInterfaceExtender - Class in
An abstract InterfaceExtender which only processes Channel instances
AbstractChannelInterfaceExtender() - Constructor for class
AbstractControllerBinder - Class in de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller
AbstractControllerBinder() - Constructor for class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.AbstractControllerBinder
AbstractJpaServiceImpl - Class in
A base class for creating services based on JPA
AbstractJpaServiceImpl() - Constructor for class
AbstractJpaServiceImpl.ManagerFunction<R,T> - Interface in
AbstractJpaServiceImpl.VoidManagerFunction - Interface in
AbstractJsonJobFactory<T,R> - Class in de.dentrassi.osgi.job
AbstractJsonJobFactory(Class<T>, Supplier<GsonBuilder>) - Constructor for class de.dentrassi.osgi.job.AbstractJsonJobFactory
AbstractJsonJobFactory(Class<T>, GsonBuilder) - Constructor for class de.dentrassi.osgi.job.AbstractJsonJobFactory
AbstractJsonJobFactory(Class<T>) - Constructor for class de.dentrassi.osgi.job.AbstractJsonJobFactory
AbstractSecurityControllerInterceptor - Class in
AbstractSecurityControllerInterceptor() - Constructor for class
AbstractSimpleGroup - Class in
A an abstract class helping to create group information services
AbstractSimpleGroup(String) - Constructor for class
AbstractStorageServiceServlet - Class in
This is an abstract implementation for implementing servlets which require the StorageService.
AbstractStorageServiceServlet() - Constructor for class
AbstractUpgradeTask - Class in
AbstractUpgradeTask() - Constructor for class
accept(T) - Method in interface
accept(T) - Method in interface
access(String) - Static method in class
accessResource(String) - Method in class
ACTION_TAG_USERS - Static variable in interface
active(HttpServletRequest, String) - Static method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.tags.Functions
add(String) - Method in class
addAspects(boolean, String...) - Method in interface
Add aspects to the channel
addBinder(Binder, boolean) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.BindingManager
addBinder(Binder) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.BindingManager
addChannelAspect(String, String, boolean) - Method in interface
Add an aspect to the channel
addChild(String, BindingResult) - Method in interface de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.BindingResult
addChild(String, BindingResult) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.SimpleBindingResult
addController(ServiceReference<?>, ControllerEntry) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.ControllerTracker
addConverter(Converter) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.converter.ConverterManager
addDefault(DefaultProvider) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.converter.ConverterManager
addDeployGroup(String) - Method in interface
AddedEvent - Class in
AddedEvent(String, SortedMap<MetaKey, String>) - Constructor for class
addElement(Element, String) - Static method in class
Create a new element and add it as the last child
addElement(Element, String, Object) - Static method in class
addElementFirst(Element, String) - Static method in class
Create a new element and add it as the first child
addError(BindingError) - Method in interface de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.BindingResult
addError(BindingError) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.SimpleBindingResult
addErrors(Collection<BindingError>) - Method in interface de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.BindingResult
addErrors(String, List<BindingError>) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.SimpleBindingResult
addErrors(Collection<BindingError>) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.SimpleBindingResult
addInterceptor(Interceptor, ServiceReference<Interceptor>) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.interceptor.InterceptorTracker
addListener(TaskListener) - Method in class
addListener(TaskListener) - Method in interface
addMarkers(Set<String>) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.SimpleBindingResult
addMethodBinders(BindingManager, Method) - Static method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.ControllerCall
Add custom binders assigned to the method
addNode(Filters.Node) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.utils.Filters.Multi
addOptionalElement(Element, String, Object) - Static method in class
addService(WebExtender) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.extender.WebExtenderProcessor
addTask(Task) - Method in class
after(Object, Method, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, BiFunction<HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, RequestHandler>) - Method in interface de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.ControllerInterceptorProcessor
afterAll() - Method in interface
afterCommit() - Method in interface
afterCompletion(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, Exception) - Method in interface de.dentrassi.osgi.web.interceptor.Interceptor
afterCompletion(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, Exception) - Method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.interceptor.InterceptorAdapter
afterRollback() - Method in interface
aggregateMetaData(AggregationContext) - Method in interface
AggregationContext - Interface in
AggregationValidationContext - Interface in
and(List<? extends Filters.Node>) - Static method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.utils.Filters
and(Filters.Node...) - Static method in class de.dentrassi.osgi.utils.Filters
AnnotationHelper - Class in de.dentrassi.osgi.web.util
AnnotationProcessor - Interface in de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller
APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM - Static variable in class
apply(T) - Method in interface
apply(Connection) - Method in interface
apply(T) - Method in interface de.dentrassi.rpm.RpmEntry.IOFunction
applyMetaData(Map<MetaKey, String>) - Method in interface
applyMetaData(Map<MetaKey, String>) - Method in interface
applyUserInformation(HttpServletRequest, UserInformation) - Static method in class
Artifact - Interface in
A handle to an artifact
artifactAdded(PostAddContext) - Method in interface
ArtifactContext - Interface in
ArtifactEvent - Class in
ArtifactEvent(String, SortedMap<MetaKey, String>) - Constructor for class
ArtifactGenerator - Interface in
ArtifactInformation - Class in
Full artifact information
ArtifactInformation(String, String, long, String, String, Date, long, long, Set<String>, SortedMap<MetaKey, String>, SortedSet<String>) - Constructor for class
artifactPreAdd(PreAddContext) - Method in interface
Process a request to add an artifact
ArtifactReceiver - Interface in
asLong() - Method in class de.dentrassi.rpm.RpmTagValue
asLongArray() - Method in class de.dentrassi.rpm.RpmTagValue
assertAccessLock(String) - Static method in class
assertModifyLock(String) - Static method in class
asString() - Method in class de.dentrassi.rpm.RpmTagValue
asStringArray() - Method in class de.dentrassi.rpm.RpmTagValue
attachArtifact(String, InputStream, Map<MetaKey, String>) - Method in interface
ATTR - Static variable in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.tags.PushTag
ATTR_PREFIX - Static variable in class de.dentrassi.osgi.web.tags.DefineTag
ATTR_REMEMBER_ME - Static variable in class
ATTR_USER_INFORMATION - Static variable in class
ATTR_USER_RELOAD - Static variable in class
ATTRIBUTE_NAME - Static variable in interface de.dentrassi.osgi.web.controller.binding.BindingResult
AttributedValue - Class in de.dentrassi.osgi.utils
AttributedValue(String, Map<String, String>) - Constructor for class de.dentrassi.osgi.utils.AttributedValue
AttributedValue(String) - Constructor for class de.dentrassi.osgi.utils.AttributedValue
authenticate(Channel, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class
Authenticate the request is authenticated against the deploy keys
available() - Method in class de.dentrassi.rpm.RpmInputStream
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