A.1. System properties

System properties are standard Java system properties.

This section describe the system properties which are defined by Package Drone itself.

See also https://github.com/ctron/package-drone/wiki/System-Properties

drone.showStackTrace [boolean] = false

Show stack traces in error web pages.

drone.web.fileThresholdBytes [long] = 1MB

The number of bytes after which the servlet will spool out the request as a file, everything below this threshold will be kept in-memory.

drone.web.maxRequestBytes [long] = 1GB

The number of bytes the main dispatcher servlet will accept for a multi part rquest.

package.drone.admin.announce.file [String] = ~/.drone-admin-token

The name of the file were the admin token will be written. The directory has to exist and the file will be overwritten on every start.

package.drone.admin.announce.file.notPosix [boolean] = false

Disable setting POSIX file permissions on the admin token file.

package.drone.admin.disabled [boolean] = false

Disable the admin user altogether.

package.drone.admin.user [String] = admin

The name of the admin user.

This section defines system properties which may influence the behavior of Package Drone, but are not defined by Package Drone itself.