6.2. P2 repository adapter

The Eclipse P2 repository adapter allows one to consume OSGi artifacts from Package Drone using the P2 repository system (see also https://eclipse.org/equinox/p2/).

[Note]Channel aspects

For this repository adapter to work the channel needs P2 metadata. This can either be uploaded by a Maven Tycho build, or can be created on the fly by Package Drone through adding the OSGi and P2 Metadata channel aspect.

The base entry point for this adapter is http://localhost:8080/p2. The first path parameter is the channel ID or name. So in order to install from the channel mtest1 use the following URI:


[Note]P2 installation dialog

Although the P2 system can handle bundle only installs, the P2 installation dialog and target platform editor cannot. These require at least a feature or category. If the P2 metadata is created by Package Drone is is possible to create virtual features and categories.