3.1. Initial configuration

After the installation of Package Drone is has to be configured. A database link has to be set and a mail server for sending out e-mail.

As long as there is important configuration missing, most web requests to Package Drone will be redirected to the setup view. The setup view should guide you through the whole process of setup. The following section describe the process with a bit more detail.

Also see the wiki page: https://github.com/ctron/package-drone/wiki/Setup

Initially Package Drone is not configured with any database. Therefore it also has no user accounts available. Instead of falling back to some publicly accessible admin mode oder having some default admin / admin credentials, Package Drone has a special admin user with the user name admin and a random access token. The admin token is either generated on each start of Package Drone or can be provided using a system property or environment variable. The admin token is also printed out on the console during startup.

The admin token is written the local file system, in order to allow retrieving it at a later time or for shell scripts. The default location is ~/.drone-admin-token

So the first step is to log in using admin and the admin token as password.

Entering the database parameters should be straight forward when you have experience with databases and JDBC.

The default URL schema for MySQL is: jdbc://mysql/server:port/database.

[Note]Testing database settings

Testing the database settings currently forwards you to a result page. Simply click the Back button of your web broweser to go back.

[Note]Wrong database settings

Even if the database settings don't work. They are stored when you press the submit button.

Package Drone needs a mail server for the user registration process. The mail server must be a server capable of SMTP. So it is not possible to use a maildrop setup.

Instead of manually entering all the data, it is also possible to restore a previously generated configuration using the restore link, after you logged in as admin.

Also seet Section 4.1, “Backup and restore”