Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

1.1. More information
1.2. What it is not?

Package Drone is a software artifact repository system. Its main purpose is to receive things which come out of a software build process, store them and provide them to the next build or deployment step. Also over a longer period of time.

There already are a number of artifact formats and repository systems out there. The purpose of Package Drone is to bring them all together in a user friendly way. And allow for easy extensions of the system. Since there will always be the next thing.

A simple example of what this could be, is a Maven™ build process which generates JAR files. These JAR files also are OSGi™ bundles. The Maven build deploys these JAR files to Package Drone using the Maven 2 repository layout and its HTTP upload mechanism. Package Drone can then extract the OSGi and Maven metadata and store everything. It can then also provide an Eclipse P2 repository layout so that Eclipse PDE based tools can easily access these OSGi bundles directly from Package Drone. Also can users of Bndtools directly access the same OSGi™ bundles using the OSGi™ XML Index Repository format, since Package Drone supports both formats.

The main cause why Package Drone was creates was to work with OSGi bundles. That why Package Drone is also called the OSGi first repository. However Package Drone can do a lot more, like creating APT repositories out of Debian package files, …

Package Drone is open source and is released under the Eclipse Public License.