4.1. Backup and restore

The following sections describe the different areas of Package Drone which should be backed up and how they can be restored.

These settings contain the information about which database to use and the configuration of the mail server. It does not contain the user information, the channel configuration or anything else from the database.

Technically this is all configuration information stored in the OSGi configuration administrator.

In order to back up these settings go to System Backup and click on the Export button. This will start the export trigger the download of a ZIP file containing all information. The ZIP file can later be restored.

For restoring the data, again go to System Backup and select the file to import in the Import configuration section. Start the import process by pressing the Import button.

The file is an XML file with the root element configuration, the version attribute must have the value 1.

The children are elements with the name entry. Each defining an OSGi configuration admin object. Either the pid attribute or the factoryPid attribute has to be set to the service PID or the factory PID that this element should be created for.

Each configuration element contains one or more property element with the attributes key, type and the value as text content.

The type attribute contains the Java class name which of the value.

As of Package Drone 0.5.0 there is a way to back up channels and artifacts. It is possible to export one or all channels and import them again.

This mechanism does not export the full database, but only channels and stored [1] artifacts. This includes the aspect configuration of the channel and the provided metadata for channels and artifacts.

The following properties will not be exported:

  • Deploy key assignments

  • Extracted meta data

  • Channel cache entries

  • Virtual and generated artifacts

  • Anything else like users, signers, …

Beside system configuration and artifact data there are a few additional entities stored in the database (users, deploy groups and key, …). This data can easily be backed up by simply backup up the database itself.

[Tip]Database backup

If the file system BLOB store is disabled, then backing up the database is all that is required in order to re-construct a Package Drone instance

[1] Virtual and generated artifacts are not backed up, but re-generated on the target server.